Regional Representatives

Regional Representatives help NAPT by disseminating information on the richly varied field of poetry/bibliotherapy. Representatives network with individuals, organizations and/or institutions that are engaged in the areas of education, mental health, health care, creative arts expression, spiritual development, and/or social justice advocacy. Regional reps may also host gatherings or workshops to foster a sense of connection and community using poetry therapy.

Please contact a representative in your area, if you have questions and/or wish to get more involved or connected within your community.  We welcome your involvement and participation!

If you do not see your state and wish to be a representative, please contact us at

United States

Perie Longo Central California (Los Angeles & Santa Barbara)
Cynthia Holloway Kelvin Central California (Los Angeles)
Jenna Robinson Northern California (San Francisco)
Carrie Vestal Gilman  Colorado (Denver)
Nancy Scherlong Connecticut
Barbara Kreisberg Florida
Lorrieann Geyer Florida
Elaine Brooks Florida (West Coast)
Beth Jacobs Illinois (Chicago)
Catherine Tanguis Louisiana
Deborah Ross Maryland/Virginia (Washington DC)
Geri Chavis Minnesota
Karen VanMeenan New New York (Western)
Sherry Reiter New York
Laura Santner New York 
Robin Rosado New York (Bronx)
Irania Patterson North Carolina
Wanda Kellyman North Carolina
Beth Couture North Carolina
Colleen Brezny North and South Dakota
Jazmin Hamilton Oregon
Anjana Deshpande Pennsylvania
Sharon L. Bippus Texas
Scott Sorensen Utah
Danielle Dubrasky Utah
Jennifer Graham Virginia (Southeastern)

Outside of the U.S.

Lowen Clarke Australia (Melbourne/Victoria)
Robyn Youl Australia (Melbourne/Victoria)
Andrea Bramberger  Austria
Dianne Grant Canada
Channah Magori Israel
Jon Sayers England
Berit Kaschan Estonia
Tomomi Yamashita Japan (Kobe)
Jin Beom Synn South Korea  

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