About the National Association for Poetry Therapy

The National Association for Poetry Therapy, Inc. (NAPT) is a nonprofit international and interdisciplinary organization promoting growth and healing through written language, symbol and story. NAPT members have forged an energetic community of healers, educators and other helping professionals who value the applications of words and language.

NAPT includes members from a wide range of disciplines, and writers of all styles, including poets, journal keepers, storytellers and songwrit­ers. Our community includes psychologists, social workers, counselors, marriage and family thera­pists, educators, librarians/information specialists, nurses, physicians, occupational and recreational therapists and clergy.

We work in many settings where people deal with personal, interpersonal and community chal­lenges. We are found in prisons, support groups, schools, inpatient and day-hospitals, Veterans’ Administration clinics, etc. We work with people of all ages, whether in crisis or searching for wider avenues of growth. We exist where literary art and healing intersect.

NAPT represents the language-oriented branch of expressive arts therapies.


A Message to Our Members

We are committed to providing you the service you deserve as a member of the National Association for Poetry Therapy (NAPT). We appreciate you and encourage you to communicate with us! Please contact our Administrator via e-mail at naptadmin@poetrytherapy.org. If you have questions about membership please contact us at naptmembership@poetrytherapy.org.

The NAPT mailing address is: 

PO Box 98259
Des Moines, WA 98198

Thank you for being a member of NAPT. We look forward to serving you this membership year.

Has your contact information changed? If so, please send all changes of address, phone, e-mail, etc., to our Membership Chair at naptmembership@poetrytherapy.org.