The International Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy (IFB/PT) is the independent credentialing authority for the profession of poetry therapy. The Federation was established in 1980 for the purpose of ensuring Ethics, Standards and Uniform Training Requirements in the field of Biblio/Poetry Therapy. For information on the specific requirements and application procedure for clinicians and non-clinical facilitators, consult the following website:

Please note that the Federation is a completely separate entity from the National Association for Poetry Therapy, which is the membership organization for the poetry/bibliotherapy/expressive writing field.

Click here to see a current list of the IFB/PT mentor/supervisors.

“I did my credentialing under the supervision of Dr. Sherry Reiter, and finished in almost exactly two years. I particularly appreciated the retreat and peer groups, where there was ample opportunity to write together and share insights, and form lasting bonds. I founded Story Remedy near the tale-end of certification, and am very grateful for the encouragement I received from Sherry and my cohort members. Pursuit of certification was a meaningful and opening experience, and I regularly draw on what I learned both personally and professionally. It reaffirmed my sense that bibliotherapy was the right calling for me.”  – Rachel Amaru, MA, CAPF

"For a long time, I wanted to combine my degrees in psychology and creative writing/poetry together due to the catharsis feeling I got when I wrote poems, but I never knew such a field existed. I was so pleasantly surprised when my former professor pointed me in the direction of NAPT. Soon after I first started the credentialing process, I attended Kay Adams's Journal Conference 2016 as a part of the training. Many who practice poetry therapy were in attendance. It did not take me long to feel as though I had found my tribe, my place of belonging, a feeling I never experienced before. The feeling kept getting deeper as I attended NAPT conferences year after year; I even developed one of the best friendships that I have ever had. So, for me, the credentialing process not only added to my life professionally but also touched and changed me personally. I am honored to be a part of a field that is as unique as those who practice it. I found my professional purpose. Facilitating poetry therapy workshops and sessions warms my heart and nourishes my soul, and the work truly shines a guiding light on those who participate in it."  Jennifer Graham, MFA, CAPF, Certified JTTS ® Instructor

"NAPT" The National Association for Poetry Therapy

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