What a wonderful coming together of kindred souls. I came away with connections, inspirations, practical processes, and information that I suspect will be feeding me and my work in uncountable ways for years to come.
Carolyn Koehnline, LMHC, CJT 

NAPT conferences bring the “tribe” together for rejuvenation and just plain socializing and fun. Wonderful workshops, great speakers and a time for connection. Just can’t miss them!
—Dottie Joslyn

Since the 1960s, the National Association for Poetry Therapy has inspired countless individuals and given birth to various organizations. It is a great mother of language arts, symbol, and story and its many uses for healing and personal growth.
—Sherry Reiter, The Creative Righting Center, Author of Writing Away the Demons: Stories of Creative Coping Through Transformative Writing

I really appreciated the warm welcome into the Poetry Therapy Community; and the IFBPT acknowledgement of us trainees in our commitment to this path.
–Lisa Rossetti

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference; the setting, materials, people-general spirit. I am inspired to write more. I gained by connections with people, and ideas shared. Thank you.
–Elizabeth Posada

Amazing, authentic, and active learning-the NAPT conference inspired me to unleash my creative energy. Being in the company of enormous talent enriched me in suprising ways!
–Jill Beach

My second conference with NAPT was in Arizona. It is such a relief to find yourself amongst like-minded souls who delight in the written word. It felt like my own personal playground to be there. Im sure i was not alone in this feeling! The connections that can be made and the inspiration from the greats are boundless. The workshops, activities, and keynotes dared us to let the surrounding desert seep in and stir up passions and truth. Poetry and therapy is a natural union that deserves praise and practice. I hope to join the conference every year to keep the inspiration flowing to my own clients and for my own personal creative renewal.
— Jill Pixley, LCSW

Ever since 2000, NAPT has been a source of joy and support for me. I’m not a poetry therapist, but a lover of poetry, and the company of others who love it and who understand how powerful it is has been a gift. The yearly conference is a highlight of the year, always, and the listserv is a yearlong resource–and delight!
—Silvine Farnell, www.deeperintopoetry.com

15+ years ago I joined a writing for therapy group. I have learned to write something that has meaning for me every single day. Today I am a cheerleader for all my patients to join such a group.
—Nancy Nadolski, FNP-C, MSN, M.Ed

For many years I’ve wanted to attend a Poetry Conference. I finally jumped on a plane, last minute decision, from Sydney, Australia, for ‘Oasis in the Desert’. I felt I needed to learn more, so in my reaching out I felt welcomed straight away & immersed myself in the energy all around me! I throughly enjoyed my few days in Scottsdale with all of you amazing people & I took away heaps of ideas & new knowledge.
—Genevieve Moore MAPS MCBS

Poetry Therapy launched my second career that has touched the lives of countless others who have also been changed through the power of language, story, and symbol.
—Barbara Bethea, MA, LCAT