NAPT Member Websites

Kathleen Adams, LPC, PTR, MM/S
Healing body, psyche, soul through journal writing


Anne Bach, MS, MFT
Center for Story and Symbol: continuing education seminars and workshops on the psychology of fairy tales, mythic stories, creativity, movies as mythic imagination, and law and ethics for psychotherapists.


Linda Barnes, CAPF, CJF, MS-P
Free subscription to Poem of the Week plus writing prompts


Ann Blake, PhD
Jungian-oriented psychologist and clinical supervisor


Pamela Blamey, Counselor
Frog on a Rock Fairytales—art therapy, story workshops, professional development and professional supervision.


Ted Bowman, MDiv
Educator, author, trainer, consultant and speaker specializing in change and transition


James Brandenburg, MEd, LPC, LMFT, CPT, Jungian Analyst
Literary Arts and Poetry Magazine


Cheryl Buchanan, JD, MFA
Writers with Margins, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization connecting Boston’s literary and academic resources, authors and artists with its unheard or underserved populations through free literature and writing programs.


Butler University
MFA in Creative Writing Program


Gina Campbell, MEd, CAPF
Discover the power of Clean Language to help clients explore their internalized metaphors and foster growth and healing.


Dominican University of California
Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing with an optional Narrative/Poetic Medicine track


Silvine Marbury Farnell, PhD
Invitation to dive deeper into poetry by preparing it for performance


Victoria Field, MA, CPT M-S
Courses and resources for Poetry Therapy, including a blog on poems in everyday life


Steffani Fletcher, MS Education (Educational Leadership), CAPF
Hope at Hand, a 501(c)(3) organization providing art and poetry sessions to vulnerable and at-risk youth populations.


JoAnn Flynn, MEd, MA, CAGS, CPT
Poetry therapist, expressive arts therapist, SoulCollage® facilitator, Connecticut teaching artist and former Special Education teacher


Susan Reuling Furness, MEd, LCPC, LMFT, PTR
Providing therapy, clinical hypnosis, organization and business consulting, journal writing, poetry therapy groups and other expressive arts and


Therese Halscheid, MFA, MA
Writer ~ Photographer ~ House-Sitter ~ Teacher


Peggy Osna Heller, MSW, PhD, PTR, MM/S
Information about my life as a poetry therapist and book ordering details


Susan Spangler Hendricks, LISW-CP, CJT
Journal writing workshops, poetry and photography including blog


Mifanwy Kaiser, MEd
Tebot Bach: strengthening community, promoting literacy and broadening the audience for poetry.


George Kaliaden, PhD
Psychologist, trainer, author


Diane Kaufman, MD
Bringing art and medicine together to empower and transform us into a state of wellbeing


Harriet Kohen, MSW, LICSW, CPT
Therapy, counseling, coaching and support planning and


Jennie C. Linthorst, MA, CAPF
Private and group workshops in poetry therapy


Zelda Lockhart, PhD
Author, teacher and speaker inspiring women to self-define through writing and publishing and


Perie Longo, PhD, LMFT, PTR, M/S
Bio, MFT work, poetry therapy activity, publications


Sandra Marinella, MA, MEd
Website for the book The Story You Tell—how to rewrite our difficult stories and transform our lives


Eftichia Matalon, PhD
Website for the writings and poetic reflections of the author Felicity Mat


Metanoia Institute
MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes taught over 10 weekends per year with a Postgraduate Certificate (Year 1), a Postgraduate Diploma (Year Two) and independent study with a Research Advisor to complete a dissertation (Year 3) and receive the MSc.


Individual, couple, family and group psychotherapy


Sherry Reiter, PhD, LCSW, PTR-M/S, RDT-BCT
Poetry for healing and growth, poetry therapy training


Jackie Rigoni, MA
Writer and poet, poems and essays on writing to challenge with creativity


Deborah Ross, LPC, CJT
Journaling workshops including “Your Brain on Ink” and private journaling instruction


Lisa Rossetti, MA in Applied Storytelling
Coaching and training to improve creativity, confidence and communication skills.


Katy Roy, MA
Using bibliotherapy with individuals and organizations, writing, poetry, bibliotherapy training


Merle R. Saferstein
Living and Leaving Your Legacy® workshops, journaling, author


Nancy Scherlong, M/S, LCSW, PTR/CJT
Creative arts therapy and training, holistic psychotherapy, creative arts, wellness and life coaching


Joy Shieman, RPT
Poetry therapist, poet, author


Rosanne Singer, CAPF
School and hospital work, as well as writing samples


Susanna Sucak, MTS, MAIS
Expressive arts musings


Marion Thomas, CEO, MFA, JTTS Instructor, Novelist

Preparing at-risk youth for future employability, and/or postsecondary education in the Literary Arts through narrative therapy techniques, journaling, and creative writing.


Mary Reynolds Thompson, CAPF, CJF, CPCC
Live Your Wild Soul Story


Lila Weisberger, LCAT, PTP, Master Mentor
BridgeXngs Poetry Center: an international community of poets, writers, poetry therapists, teachers, lovers of the word, and readers