Board and committees.

2020-2021 NAPT Board Member Roles 

President: Marianela Medrano
Past President: 
Nick Mazza
Vice President: 
Barbara Kreisberg
Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair: 
Eric Kreuter
Jazmin Hamilton
Conference Chair: 
Catherine Tanguis
Diversity Chair: Irania Macias Patterson
Membership Chair: 
Robin Rosado
Academic/Institutional Outreach Chair: Lorrieann Geyer
Social Media Chair: 
Laura Santner
Publications Chair: 
Karen vanMeenen
Journal of Poetry Therapy Editor: 
Nick Mazza

Board Members-at-Large
Cynthia Holloway-Kelvin
Laurie Anderson Sathe
Sherry Reiter

NAPT Liaison to IFBPT: Laura Santner
Awards Committee: 
Karen vanMeenen (as standing Chair)

IFBPT Liaison to NAPT: Nancy Scherlong

NOTE: Committee members can be drawn from membership and do not need to be Board members.
We encourage your participation!


 Marienela Medrano was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and has       lived in Connecticut since 1990. A poet and a writer of nonfiction and fiction, she   holds a PhD in psychology. Her literary work has appeared in numerous   anthologies and magazines in Latin America, Europe and the United States. In   2015 she did TED Talk at Ursuline College. Her individual publications   include Oficio de Vivir (Buho,1986), Los Alegres Ojos de la Tristeza  (Buho,   1987), Regando Esencias/ The Scent of Waiting (Alcance,1998), Curada de   Espantos (Torremozas, 2002), Diosas de la Yuca, (Torremozas, 2011),   Prietica (Alfaguara, 2013), and Rooting (Owlfeather Collective, 2017). Her poetry   has been translated into Italian and French.

 Nicholas Mazza, PhD is Professor and Dean Emeritus at the Florida State   University, College of Social Work. Dr. Mazza holds Florida licenses in psychology,   clinical social work, and marriage and family therapy. He is the founding (1987)     and current editor of the Journal of Poetry Therapy and author of Poetry Therapy: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition (2017) He is past vice president and has served   continuously on the NAPT Board since 1985. In 2017, he received the “Lifetime     Achievement” award from NAPT.

 Barbara Kreisberg, MS, CPT is currently serving on the NAPT Board as Vice     President. She is a contributing author of The Healing Fountain. She has worked   for over 25 years in both Boston and Miami with a variety of inpatient and   outpatient populations in the area of mental health using reflective writing and   poetry therapy to promote personal growth and wellness. She has presented   workshops at NAPT conferences, local universities, hospitals, cancer support   groups and other community settings on the healing power of writing reflectively   using poetry therapy and journal writing techniques. She currently facilitates ongoing writing groups in Miami.

 Eric Kreuter serves as Treasurer on the Board of the National Association for   Poetry Therapy. He has contributed articles to the Journal of Poetry Therapy and   has presented at NAPT’s Annual Conferences. Dr. Kreuter is a partner with the   accounting and advisory firm of Marks Paneth LLP, providing forensic and   litigation support services to a broad range of clientele. He has a doctorate in   clinical psychology and has published books and articles on a variety of topics.

  Jazmin Hamilton, MA, MFT, currently serves as Secretary on the NAPT Board.   She is a Marriage & Family Therapy Registered Intern in the state of Oregon. She     is the recipient of the Al Stiefel award from George Fox University. Jazmin is a   member of the AAMFT and NAPT, and is the NAPT regional representative for   Oregon. She focuses on working with couples, families, and adult individuals   using Emotionally Focused Therapy integrated with aspects of Internal Family   Systems Theory. Interpersonal Neurobiology research and Attachment Theory   serve as the foundation of her work with clients, and she integrates self-compassion, mindfulness techniques, and Sandtray therapy where appropriate. Jazmin has her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and infuses poetry into her work with clients wherever possible. She led a Poetry Therapy group, “The Art of Losing,” for the processing of grief and plans to continue leading these groups in the Portland area.

 Catherine Tanguis, MA, NBCT, CAPF currently serves on the NAPT Board as       Conference Chair. She has worked for over 30 years in the Greater New Orleans   area, as both a high school English teacher and community college adjunct   instructor. She graduated with a master’s degree in English from the University   of New Orleans, with concentrations in Rhetoric and Composition and American   Literature and has been a National Board-Certified Teacher since 2005. Along the   way, her passion for encouraging creative writing with both adults and young   people, led to her to serve as Co-Director of the Greater New Orleans Writing Project, founding and serving as Co-Director of the Southeast Regional Affiliate of the Scholastic Writing & Arts Awards, as well as working in various capacities for the National Council of Teachers of English Writing Recognition Programs. Recognizing the importance of creative writing in empowering young people find their own voices and developing empathy, she organized numerous student writing groups and sponsored nationally recognized student literary publications as well as worked with teenage victims of sex trafficking. As an alumni of the Fulbright Program IREX, she has given presentations and lectures on using poetry to open dialogue in communities. 

 Irania Macias Patterson currently serves on the NAPT Board as Diversity Chair.   She is a CAPF, dynamic speaker, award winner author and educator who   specializes in the subjects of arts integration in multicultural-bilingual   populations, and the connections with literacy, mental health and expressive   arts.  As an ardent supporter of schools, libraries, and cultural organizations, she   has spoken in many   arts, education and humanity base organizations   promoting “out of the box”   intercultural exchanges for social transformation.

 Robin Rosado, CASAC-T serves as Membership Chair on the NAPT Board and as a substance use counselor, provides counseling and case management           services to individuals struggling with homelessness, mental illness and       substance use disorders. She has a BA in Creative Writing from The City College     of New York. She has the pleasure of training to be a CAPF under mentor Laura     Santner. Robin is an NAPT Regional Representative and is thrilled with the     opportunity to bring the  power of poetry therapy to the Bronx.

 Lorrieann Geyer, MA, BCSE,CAPF serves on the NAPT board as Academic and   Outreach Chair. She is a lifelong learner who inspires others with words. She       has combined her skills to address the emotional and academic needs of young   people at a private therapeutic high school for the past nine years. The use of     bibliotherapy in the classroom and Poetry Cafe has provided a bridge to their   mental health and well being. She has facilitated poetry groups with women in   recovery and incarcerated. She belongs to numerous professional organizations and recently became a Diplomate of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals. Lorrieann also works freelance for Light Miracle Workers and Creative Kinections. 

 Laura Santner, LCSW, PTR is Social Media Chair and a New York Regional Rep     for NAPT. She graduated from Syracuse University with a BA in psychology,     minoring in creative writing. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a graduate   from the Master’s program at New York University. She received her Certification   in Poetry Therapy and became a Registered Poetry Therapist. Ms. Santner has   been a clinical social worker and has incorporated poetry therapy in her work   since 2006. She offers individual and group therapy in addition to clinical and   poetry therapy supervision. She has facilitated workshops, presentations, and lectures all around the United States. Ms. Santner has a published chapbook of poetry called “The Earth and I, Nature Healing Poetry” and is co-author to a chapter on Group Poetry and Writing Therapy with Adolescents in “Creative Arts-Based Group Therapy with Adolescents Theory and Practice 1st edition.” Ms. Santner is also co-author to a research study “Linguistic Dimensions of Psychopathology: A quantitative Analysis” in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

 Karen (Ren) vanMeenen, MA, MA, CAPF is NAPT Publications   Chair, Museletter Editor, and Book Review Editor for the Journal of Poetry   Therapy. She is a Senior Lecturer at Rochester Institute of Technology, where she   teaches classes in Writing, Creative Writing, Literature, and Contemporary Art.   She is the longtime Editor of the media arts journal Afterimage as well as the   Director of Special Projects at the literary center Writers & Books, where she   organizes large community reading programs such as Rochester Reads.

 Cynthia Holloway Kelvin, Psy.D., RDT, has worked in community mental health   as well as in private rehabilitation with people at various stages of healing and   self-exploration. Cynthia facilitates poetry therapy and creative performance   workshops with the overall goal of helping participants cultivate a healthy,   creative, and inspired life. More information can be found at

 Laurie Anderson Sathe, Ed.D.,  is Associate Professor and Program Director for   the Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies at St Catherine University. She is   interested in exploring the ways that the use of poetry, story and creative   expression can be used in the classroom to create holistic learning and healing   experiences.

 Sherry Reiter, Phd, LCSW is a Registered Poetry and Drama Therapist and   Founder of The Creative “Righting” Center, a distance poetry therapy training   program leading to certification. She is also the creator of Poets-Behind Bars.   Her book Writing away the Demons: Stories of Creative Coping through   Transformative Writing is co-authored by clients and colleagues. Sherry is past   President of The National Association for Poetry Therapy and The International   Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy.

Standing committees.

Academic/Institutional Outreach Committee makes recommendations to the Board about the development and implementation of the educational outreach of the Association and its membership. This committee generates and maintains an annotated list of academic and non-academic resources related to poetry/bibliotherapy/expressive writing.

Conference Committee plans and implements the annual NAPT conference, and engages in long-range conference planning.

Diversity Committee expands both the diversity of membership, as well as that of conference attendees. This committee is dedicated to promoting the involvement, within the Association membership, of practitioners and/or professionals of diverse ethnic, gender identity, sexual orientation, linguistic, socioeconomic and geographic backgrounds.

Finance Committee oversees and reviews the funds of the Association and presents a proposed budget for approval at the annual meeting of the Board.

Membership Committee makes recommendations regarding membership procedures and focuses on recruitment, retention, marketing, and member services — in support of NAPT’s vision of cultivating poetry therapy throughout the world.

Public Relations Committee develops communications as deemed desirable for the general public, which explain the role, purpose, and objectives of the  Association.  The Committee’s responsibility is to increase public awareness and acceptance of poetry therapy and related forms of expressive writing.

Social Media Committee posts and monitors materials and responds to or fields inquires emerging from various social media sites and platforms relevant to poetry/bibliotherapy/expressive writing.

Publications Committee oversees the publication of the NAPT e-newsletter, The Museletter, and coordinates any other publications that the Board initiates.

Current Ad Hoc Committees include Nominating Committee, By-Laws Committee, Awards Committee and Website Revision Committee.

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