NAPT Member Websites

Kathleen Adams
Healing body, psyche, soul through journal writing

Evelyn Beck
Academic vita and publications
Dance schedule

Ted Bowman

James Brandenburg
Literary Arts and Poetry Magazine

Kimberly Brock
Award-winning author of The River Witch and Tinderbox Writer’s Workshop founder

Gina Campbell, M.Ed., CAPF
Discover the power of Clean Language to help clients explore their internalized metaphors and foster growth and healing.

Barbara Carnal
Overview of trademarked approach to family strengthening

Michael David Carr

Lorna Condit

Susan de Wardt
Recognized leader in therapeutic writing for personal and professional growth

Mary Rose Dougherty
The Healing Word, where ‘poetry is a powerful tool for the spirit.’ (Jack Elliot Myers)

Stephanie Evans
Research, teaching and service of Dr. Stephanie Evans, professor at Clark Atlanta University

Silvine Marbury Farnell
Invitation to dive deeper into poetry by preparing it for performance

Victoria Field
Courses and resources for Poetry Therapy, including a blog on poems in everyday life

Susan Reuling Furness

Catherine Ghosh

Lynne Grossman
Artist/Educator/Health Professional, Lynne Eve Grossman, MEd (UVA) gently uses art and writing healing techniques to build self-esteem, conquer stressful issues, and embrace life through enjoyable and easy expressive channels.

Peggy Osna Heller
Information about my life as a poetry therapist and book ordering details

Susan Spangler Hendricks
Journal writing workshops, poetry and photography including Blog

Rae Hight
Summary of journaling classes and coaching

Louis Hoffman
Author, professor, psychologist

Mary Willette Hughes
Facilitator of poetry as therapy in St Cloud hospital’s Addiction/Recovery program for 13 years

Beth Jacobs
Introduction to writing for emotional balance and

Diane Kaufman
Bringing art and medicine together to empower and transform us into a state of wellbeing

Harriet Kohen

Gail Elizabeth Kretchmer, MFA
Through one-on-one coaching or group workshops, Gail teaches various forms of introspective writing to boost mood and creativity, reduce anxiety and depression, improve coping skills, help manage stress, and promote greater self-awareness. Gail, who holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing, has been working with domestic violence and cancer survivors, corporate clients, and other writers throughout the Pacific Northwest since 2008. Her creative work has been published in The New York Times, High Desert Journal, Silk Road Review, and several other publications.

Jennie C. Linthorst
Private and group workshops in poetry therapy

Perie Longo
Bio, MFT work, Poetry Therapy activity, Publications

Lizzie Louis

Eftichia Matalon

Alexa Mergen
Yoga, creativity, poetry workshops; Day Poems; editing services; publications; blog on being gentle and cultivating awareness.

Mary O’Connor
Published books and links to blog with twice-weekly inspirational postings

Thomas Paul
Individual, couple, Family and Group Psychotherapy

Nanette Orange
Describes my published books, a collection of inspirational poetry

Steve Roberts
Books of poetry for sale

Alma M. Rolfs
Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist in private practice and Registered Poetry Therapist

Lisa Rossetti

Merle R. Saferstein

Nancy Scherlong
Creative Arts Therapy and Training, Holistic Psychotherapy, Creative Arts, Wellness and Life Coaching

Rosanne Singer
School and hospital work, as well as writing samples

Sheryl St. Germain
A collaborations among the Chatham MFA Program, Allegheny County Jail, SCI Pittsburgh and Sojourner House to teach creative writing to incarcerated people and recovering women who are mothers

Susanna Sucak
Expressive arts musings

Mary Reynolds Thompson
Live Your Wild Soul Story

Leslie Tuchman
Describes my private practice and my Writing For Healing groups

Lila Weisberger

Mary Susan Westhoff
Person-centered counseling in English in Germany

Kathryn Williams

Jennifer Wolfe
A community of women creating change in ourselves and our worlds one truth, one voice at a time.